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The Schedule for 2017-18 Conference is up and we are super excited to have the world join us for another amazing year. From the Syrian Refugee Crisis to the UN Climate Change conference (COP23) in Germany, we are thrilled to be connecting classrooms to the people and places they are learning about....

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International Youth White Paper on Climate Change - Education and Cities
After weeks of engaging in online activities, national surveys, and climate action projects, over 4000 students from 13 countries came together to collaborate and discuss the youth’s vision for Education, Cities and Climate Change. This was made possible through partnership with C40, the Governme...

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A National Dialogue on Water in Canada
Read what Canadian youth identified as threats, issues, and problems facing Canadian oceans and waterways....

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#Decarbonize #Decolonize - COP23
The world's largest synthesis of youth research, recommended policy & action on Climate Change. 100,000+ youth from across the planet will mobilize around the continued impact of colonization and repercussions on climate change....

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Qu'est-ce que le CEM?

La mission du Centre pour l'éducation mondiale (CEM) est d'éduquer les élèves du 21e siècle en leur fournissant des occasions d'apprentissage mondiales, améliorées par la technologie et éclairées par une recherche solide et un enseignement innovant. Grâce à un ensemble de relations stratégiques, le CEM s'est positionné de façon unique en tant que plateforme internationale de l'innovation technologique, de l'enseignement supérieur et de l'éducation mondiale. En savoir davantage sur le CEM >

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