About the Centre

The mission of The Centre for Global Education (TCGE) is to educate 21st Century students for a 21st Century world by providing global learning opportunities, enhanced through technology, informed by sound research and innovative teaching. Through a series of strategic relationships, The Centre has uniquely placed itself as an international hub of technology innovation, higher learning and global education.

Since 2008, hundreds of thousands of students, from more than 400 schools, in 30 different countries have participated in over 350 different conferences, making TCGE the largest provider of real-time high school collaborative programming in Canada. With the addition of Microsoft, UNESCO Associated Schools and TakingITGlobal as partners, TCGE is looking forward to connecting even more youth across Canada and around the world.

Global EncountersBrings together students from across the world through live video conferences that explore global issues and the potential youth have to shape a better common future. Each interdisciplinary, project-based Encounter has a specially designed TIG Virtual Classroom, to foster asynchronous student collaboration. Furthermore, a team of global expert mentors is recruited for each session, to provide students with authentic and timely feedback on their online postings.

Existing sessions include:

  • Middle East In Transition (Live from Palestine and Egypt)
  • Treadlightly: Live from the United Nations Conference on Climate Change
  • International VC on Mental Health
  • World Aids Day Video Conference (Live from Africa)
  • Global Dignity Day

Campus ConnectOpens the world of higher learning to Alberta students. From the University of Alberta to the Research Council of Canada, from Alberta School of Art to Beijing University, these one hour sessions, take high school students into the very heart of higher learning, opening their eyes to the world of potential available through academic.

Existing sessions include:

  • An hour in the life of a first year Science student, Virtual tour of the University of Alberta
  • L.A.S.E.R.S: A view from the Inside of a restricted lab
  • Nuclear Energy: A Green Technology or Global Disaster
  • Liberalism Day: Its Rise, Demise and Global Evolution
  • Plants: What they tell us and why we need them

Connect! International Program - Partners schools from Pakistan to Mexico, and Jordan to China, for month long collaborative projects. Countries are put into groups of four and rotate through each of their partners between September and December. With their partners, they make their way through an established curriculum while working on a series of cross cultural collaborations

International Partners – Global PresenceWith each of these organizations, TCGE has partnered or is working on partnering to provide a global network of global enrichment opportunities and programming through the innovative blending of technology.

  1. University of Alberta (2007)
  2. The Environmental Research and Studies Centre (2007)
  3. TakingITGlobal (2009)
  4. Change for Children (2008)
  5. Polycom, Global (2007)
  6. Research Journalism Initiative, Palestine (‘10)
  7. Communication Research Centre of Canada (‘06)
  8. Jordanian Ministry of Education (2008)
  9. UNESCO Associated School, Canada (2010)
  10. Core Education, New Zealand (2009)
  11. Advanced Placement Canada (2006)